As 2016 comes to a close I'm looking back on the year and grateful for how far we've come. 

Some of the highlights of 2016 include being open 7 days a week (we used to be closed on Mondays). We attended 4 beer festivals (up from 2 beer fests from last year) including Mammoth Lakes (Bluesapalooza), June Lake (June Lake Autumn Beer Festival), Sacramento (California Beer Summit) and Long Beach (Beer Camp Across America).   We almost doubled our beer production from 293 barrels last year up to over 600 barrels for 2016 (there is 31 gallons in a barrel).  Bigger bands are stopping by, including acts like Way Go Lily, Sextones, Dead Winter Carpenters, Sweetwater String Band, Bodie 601, The Shifting Sands, Ventucky String Band, Hoot and Holler, and the Tresspassers.  We were one of four recipients of the Sierra Vision Award from the Sierra Business Council.  And, finally, we're crushing out some awesome food and beers.  I think total we did around 20 beer styles in 2016, and in my humble opinion, they were all good (trust me, we wouldn't release them if they were bad).  The kitchen and pub have been recognized as one of top restaurants in Bishop, well Bishop is a small town, but we're happy with all the food compliments we get from locals.  

For 2017, we have some big plans.  We're expanding our brewing operation to include four more brewing tanks.  This will expand our brewing volume by potentially three times, but it will take a couple years to fulfill that capacity.  This will allow us to be on tap at more places in the Owens Valley and Mono County.  Future bottling and canning are on our minds, but are at least a couple years away.  Also, we're planning to bring more quality music acts to town.   Check out our events calendar for the latest confirmed acts.   Expect more ticketed shows this year as we try to accommodate bigger touring acts.  In addition, we want to bring different types of music like jazz and reggae.  Please buy tickets if you can because it really helps us make sure it will be a successful show.  Our food menu will continue to improve, innovate, and change with new seasonal menu items.  For me personally, I'm going to make a huge effort to get out on more runs, backpack trips, cycling adventures and other outside shenanigans.   That's all for now.  Thanks for everyone's support in 2016!  

Cheers,    - Joe