We're often asked about our beer names and where they come from.  This is going to become more a regular installment on the brewery blog.

The first beer to discuss is our Peaklet Porter.  There are a few types of porter and this one falls into the robust porter category.   It's named after a cool peak in the Sierra called Peaklet.  It was named by Smoke Blanchard many years ago.   Normally, you can't see it very well from town, because it is dwarfed by the much higher Mount Humphreys.   On certain days when there is a storm heading over the Sierra there is an unusual phenomenon that happens in which Mount Humphreys gets covered by the clouds, but Peaklet doesn't.   The cool part is that you can see Peaklet all alone, which really makes it look proud and amazing.  I call this the Peaklet effect.  See this photo that I took a few years back that shows the Peaklet effect.  Peaklet is the peak in the middle with three points on the summit.  

Cheers,  - Joe