Toast the Environment this St. Patricks Day

Many people take this one day to dye their beer green…

Instead Mountain Rambler Brewery raises a toast to “green” breweries making excellent beers for us to enjoy all year!


How we’re making a difference for the environment.

Energy Use


 We’re replacing old light fixtures in our space with high efficiency lighting in the brewery.  Solar tubes will light the office and kitchen, and LED accent lighting will save energy in parts of the restaurant.

Local Food

Image from Flickr

The restaurant will feature local ingredients when possible helping local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint of your meals.  Also we will partner with local businesses to combine shipping making sure each truckload from Reno or Los Angeles comes to Bishop fully loaded.

Following Industry Best Practices

We will model our sustainability efforts inspired by larger breweries who set amazing examples like New Belgium’s sustainability efforts.

Click to see New Belgium's Environmental Metrics

Joe and the crew take frequent “dump runs” to recycle scrap metal and construction waste.  Usable hardware is advertised and given to local residents instead of relying on a single construction dumpster.

These efforts will reduce our energy bill, produce less emissions, and give you a greater pride in your local brewery.  Remember to support “green” beer!

If you have any ideas for making the brewery or bishop greener leave them in the comments!

Cutting Doors in The Building

The monolithic space now has 4 exits with two new doors! No buildings were harmed in the following photo sequence.  These are professionals.

Turning a wall into a door…. or… How to rob a brewery

1. First we cut the wall with giant circular saw.  This ensures the proper shape and dimensions for the door.

Circular Saw Cutting The Wall

2. The cinder block walls came down easily with a little nudging from sledgehammers.

Hammer Time

Hammer Time

Breaking Through The Wall

We can see the light!

3. We patched up the brewery doors. This will hold back the unruly mob craving our wonderful beer (they will need to use the front door.)


Side Entrance to breweryFinally the crew gets to admire their hard work facing the Sierra Nevada Mountains and drink up the dream that is one step closer.

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