5 Months and Growing!

Hello Eastern Sierra Residents and Visitors,

Today is our 5 month anniversary!

Things are looking good as business had become more consistent and the word seems to be getting around. We sure were excited to be featured in Matador Networks post “America’s 20 Best Outdoor Towns” as both the place for best beers and as a good food destination.

We’ve been so busy around here that we forgot to make an announcement on here that we are SERVING OUR OWN BEERS, and have been for months now in fact.  Go to our Beers On Rotation page to see what we are serving these days.


Our menu has seen some updates recently as well. Two big additions recently have been a Grilled Salmon Plate ($14) and Flatbread Pizzas ($8).

Tasty Grilled Salmon served with coconut rice and cucumber-tomato salad.

Tasty Grilled Salmon served with coconut rice and cucumber-tomato salad.

Hope to see you in the pub soon! Cheers.

Opening the pub doors

blog photo 1

It’s been an exciting last couple weeks.  For years I’ve been hoping for a mountain profile of the Palisades in the Alpinst Magazine.  The Palisades are a region of high, steep and intimidating mountains just outside of Bishop. You can’t see them from town, but they’re close.  We’re the closest brewery to the Palisades as the Clark’s nutcracker flies.  It’s an amazing coincidence that our brewery opened on the same weekend that the article about the Palisades came out.  Doug Robinson did an excellent job of capturing the beautiful essence of the Palisade region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the passionate characters who spend time up there.  Some of them inspired the name of our brewery.

photo by Jeff Deikis

photo by Jeff Deikis

We “quietly” opened our doors on the 14th of November and it’s been a busy last couple weeks.  We’ve had a great turnout and gotten good feedback on how to improve and be more efficient.  The kitchen staff have been doing an amazing job of providing prompt service and great food.

One often heard complaint has been that the space is too loud.  I’m happy to announce that our new sound panels will arrive this Friday and we’ll install them next week.  This will make for a much quieter and more pleasant experience in the pub.

blog photo 3 chiller

It’s awesome to be open, but the operation feels incomplete without our beer.  We’ll be brewing our first batch this Friday, which will be a simple pale ale.  Yeah!  We’ve spent many hours in the last several weeks preparing for the first batch.  In the photo above, we’re filling our glycol chiller, which helps keep the beer fermenters cool.  We’re looking forward to having our first beers available in mid-January.  Our grand opening is scheduled for late January or early February.  Stay tuned.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by in our first weeks of being open.  Cheers, – Joe

A photo from opening night on November 14th.

A photo from opening night on November 14th.

Kitchen update

08sept (2)

A lot’s been happening this summer in the various surrogate kitchens of the Mountain Rambler Brewery. From visiting local farms, to planting cucumbers and herbs for our kitchen, to developing recipes, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of giving Bishop a menu that matches the mission of our business and fills a void in our community. Our goal at the Mountain Rambler is to support our local farmers, cook with the freshest and tastiest ingredients, and make from scratch everything we can. When we can’t, we will source from local partners that can. Cooking from scratch allows us total control over what goes into our food, and perhaps most importantly, how it tastes. With these intentions in mind, we hope to provide an opportunity to give thanks to the land while sharing a delicious bite and a cold beer at the end of the day. What better way to celebrate the mountains?

hop_shoot_pickling_29apr2014 (19)

Earlier in the season we had a great day out at Banner Springs Farm, checking on the hop plants that will eventually make it into our taps, and preparing to stock the shelves of our future brewery kitchen. With the help of friends, we harvested, pickled and canned bushels of hop shoots, which are delicate asparagus-like growths that must be cut back for the benefit of the growing hop vines. Now we anxiously await the moment we can crack open our first jar and top a salad with the beautiful pickled shoots. Throughout the summer, we’ve been pickling Bishop-grown cucumbers for topping hamburgers, as well as dehydrating apples and tomatoes for the winter.


We’ve been working hard to find a way to purchase high quality ingredients, while keeping prices down for our customers. This is a tricky balance, as growing food on a small, sustainable scale is expensive. Generally, you get what you pay for. One solution to the problem is growing some of our ingredients ourselves; literally cutting out ALL of the middle men. At the beginning of the summer, Hillary Behr began planting greens for our salads, as well as herbs, in various garden plots around Bishop, including in her own yard. We hope that this experiment will be successful, and that we will find that by having our own brewery gardens, we can offset some of the costs of buying locally.

We would like to thank you in advance for your patience as we work to create a stable menu, and form relationships with local sources that we can depend on; these things will take time. We also hope that our loyal community can come to appreciate our different way of doing things. That no, we will not always have tomatoes for your salad or hamburger, but when we do, we can guarantee that they will be worth the wait. Instead of expecting tomatoes in the winter, when they are colorless and mealy, how about trying out a different veggie instead? Or, perhaps sun dried tomatoes that keep all winter long? We hope that our delicious, seasonal-dependent menu will gently push these questions, and make us all consider a different attitude toward food and dining.

THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO. Here’s a sampling of what’s to come.

Parmesan Polenta Tots. Our twist on classic “tater tots,” these cheesy polenta nuggets are fried to a crispy golden perfection and served with a pesto dipping sauce.

Falafel. Served with made-to-order pita bread, house-pickled veggies and tzaziki (yogurt) sauce, our falafels will please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Bratwurst. Your choice of a classic or spicy cajun brat (both locally crafted), served with two types of homemade sauerkrauts and dijon dipping sauce.


your local rambler chef, Katie Ryan

Brewery update

The brewery has really been coming together during the last month.  After 10 months of demolition, plumbing, drywall and dust (lots of dust) the place is really starting to feel like a cozy brewpub.  Here are some of the recent highlights:


Our kitchen is almost complete and looks beautiful.  It was designed to be small, efficient and functional.  I think we accomplished that.  We’ll release the menu soon on our website.


Our bar top turned out better than expected. Meaning I really didn’t know how amazing it could look. We lucked out on a slab of Western white pine that was blown down during a huge storm several years ago, which locals still refer to as “The Blow Down,” and as what one local official called a “Thirty-year storm.” It came from the Lakes Basin near Mammoth Lakes and was milled at Drake Wood Milling. We chose not to stain it because the color was already perfect. I’m sure the color of the wood will also compliment the color of whichever beer style you choose to order.


The brewhouse is almost fully operational. A week ago we successfully heated the brew kettle with steam from our boiler which was really exciting. Yes, I know it’s easy to boil water in your kitchen, but it’s a whole other thing to boil approximately 500 gallons using steam. We’re about two weeks away from brewing our first batch. Of all the recent developments, I’m most excited about our first brew, which will be a golden ale. Nothing crazy, just a simple beer to test out the system. photo4-stage How can I end a post without mentioning our stage? Good music compliments good food. We won’t have any TVs in our establishment, so you’ll be pleasantly forced to talk with one another, or if you’re lucky, you’ll be at the brewery on the same night as some musicians. Ask any local and they’ll agree there are few good places to watch a band in town. That won’t be a problem once we’re open. Stay tuned for more updates.


– Joe Lane

Desert Wandering


Happy New Year!

For our resolution, we resolve to open the doors to the pub and serve beer in 2014!

desert stickerOur first ever MRB merchandise came in the mail recently!  What do you think of the new stickers?  This one immediately got put to the test driving the back roads of Death Valley to go celebrate the turn of the year by camping near the Racetrack.  I think it looks great with some dirt on it!